Monday, August 3, 2015

WABI SABI Stitchery and the Importance of Imperfection

In April 2015 we taught a class at FSC: "WABI SABI Stitchery and the Importance of Imperfection.  20 students. I learned more than the students! Wabi Sabi is so hard to explain. It is really a philosophy from Japan of Simplicity which cherishes imperfection. We used the ancient concepts of Japanese BORO patchwork and SASHIKO stitching to free our creative hands and minds.

The room at the left is the china cabinet of my Wabi Sabi friends who live in the woods of New Hampshire and make maple syrup and maple sugar.  Every piece of glassware or china in their kitchen is from estate sales, handed down, found in thrift shops, recycled, maybe chipped a little, used a lot.  It feels so good to be there and to eat at their table.

These little pouches were made by a woman in France with Boro patching and Sashiko stitchery and came to me all sewn up in that wonderful fabric wrapper with a little felt bow and hand lettered tag.  We all loved these babies.

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